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Click Through Rates and Social Networking: Something is Missing !

Read this article from Fast Company titled: Twitter Crushing Facebook’s Click Through Rate: Report and let me know what you think.  Here is what I think: Click Through goes up so does the Bounce Rate.  The correlation between these two numbers are guaranteed no matter the medium.   FYI: high bounce rate equals garbage traffic.  Now [...]

Why PPC Prices are a Benchmark to SEO & Online Media Buying

I had a small insurance brokerage firm call me last week asking me what I could do to help them promote their new website.  Well, there’s a lot we can do but when you are in a highly competitive vertical such as insurance you better be ready to commit a decent budget or as an [...]

BACK TO THE BASICS: What’s Adwords, What’s Google Maps, & What’s Main Search Engine Results?

It’s 201o and a good portion of our prospective clients still don’t know the difference between Adwords also referred to as Sponsored Listings, PPC for Price-Per-Click advertising or CPC for Cost-Per-Click Advertising.  Google Maps is referred to as Local Search Results and in our profession we call it Local Search Engine Optimization.  Main Search Engine [...]

Search Advertising to Grow Double Digit in 2010 ?

iMedia  Connection reported yesterday that Search Advertising is expected to grow by double digits in 2010. Search Advertising experienced a respectable 6% growth in 2009.  I say respectable because practically  every other form of advertising shrank or experienced negative growth rates.  We at Business Websites experienced a similar situation as described by iMedia Connection.  The [...]